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Ripples through Time

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1-Time-All Connected

It is truly astonishing that when it comes to TIME, we seem to have a mental block that creates a major prejudice. In our present reality, still to this very day we have simply ignored the conclusions of Albert Einstein, Richard Feynman, and Stephen Hawking. All three in their most fundamental conclusions about the universe, made very similar conclusions regarding TIME. Yet even today the science of timelessness is overlooked by the vast majority of scientists because it is hard for them to conceptualize that there just might be only the illusion of the past, present, and future. They conclusions remain most definitively unappreciated, even remain unnoticed by the majority of scientists and thinkers. What I have accomplished in forecasting through the looking-glass of the Fourth Dimension I hope will inspire people to look beyond what they think is just my personal opinion and into the realm of TIME as never seen before. I hope that answers the flood of emails asking what is my goal. We stand at the edge of TIME. We can be compelled to repeat the past even if some of us understand that this is our curse. To advance, we must comprehend we are all connected and to deliberately impact one aspect ripples through all connections until its impacts ourselves.