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Ripples through Time

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QUESTION: Marty, I believe I understand why you say everything is connected. Your call on Scotland links into your call for the Sterling to retest the par level. Then you look at your call on the Euro. Both of these currencies look like waterfall events as you have described. It is interesting how Obama’s former economist is worried about a strong dollar. Everything is really connected on a global scale. Truly brilliant work. That is why you were named hedge fund managed of the year and economist of the decade. The banks said you manipulated the world economy because they could not see that their manipulations have failed every time. Are you going to do a currency report as well as a world share market update? I for one could really use it right now.

See you at your next conference. When?



ANSWER: Yes. If only we could get government to comprehend how everything is connected. Ironically, it is like the movie Matrix. Once you can see patterns, suddenly everything is revealed and the connections jump out at you. Personal opinions mean nothing since the MAJORITY must always be wrong for that is what makes the markets move. We have the US share market at record highs yet retail participation is at a historic low. The problem is standard analysis hate my guts because it reveals opinion is meaningless and politicians really cannot say vote for me and I will alter this or that. Everything is connected. The sanctions against Russia bankrupt farmers in Europe and alter the capacity to produce food long-term. Every action has a reaction that ripples through the system.


Yes, we are also preparing a Gold Stock, Currency, and World Share Market Report. Now that I have more staff to help and I have made the decision to proceed with going public etc, then it is time to take one step forward. I was hesitant for I was not sure what I wanted to do personally. I was torn between retiring or moving forward. So many people have offered to help because this technology will be extremely important for the future. I respect that position. This is not just about trading, this is about preserving our future as well.

My fear has been that war is coming and the economics of the system are so bad they cannot be sustained much longer, that there may be no place for my family going forward unless we make an effort to be there when it counts.