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Resentment inside USA & Power Play Between USA & Russia

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My statement that there is no deep resentment in USA was in reference to Germany and Japan. Yes there is still deep seeded resentment internally between the South and the North to this day and the Bible Belt v Democrats. That is internal issues that is quite different from hundreds of years of resentment between nations.

Secondly, there is a new COLD WAR emerging and it is a power-play between the USA & Russia.  The US has sent tanks back to Europe and began selling crude oil to Europe. There is a definitive standoff policy to try to keep Russia in check for the veins flow with distrust on both sides.

This has NOTHING to do with the grass-roots movement that is rising everywhere and became very visible in Ukraine. The tensions between the USA and Russia are real, expanding, and the events of Ukraine were shocking to both sides. But there are TWO DISTINCT TRENDS in motion –

  • (1) the real grass roots movement where people are pissed off at corruption and that includes the USA’s protection of Wall Street, and
  • (2) the rising geopolitical tensions that are likely to provoke war


By assuming the Ukrainian revolution was merely instigated by the USA masks the fact that we have a grass-roots movement on a global scale that is like that old movie Network – ‘I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take it any more!’ This is the trend that is pissed off at Wall Street, Obama’s protection of what people are calling the Gangster-Bankers like Jon Corzine, the ex-Goldman Sachs head that blew up M.F. Global. This is the corruption that is leading to worldwide resentment of the USA and is fueling the grass-roots movement on a massive global scale where people have less and less patience for ANY politicians engaged in corruption. They are ALL being painted with the same brush irrespective of the country.

This is a totally separate and distinct trend from the geopolitical tensions that exist and are getting worse with each passing day. We have China v Japan in Asia and USA/EU v Russia in Europe. Make no mistake about this, blaming the USA for Ukraine hides the fact we have a much more profound problem rising from the grass-roots that that is related to ECONOMICS and the pervasive worldwide CORRUPTION arising from “representative” forms of government that are as corrupt as the old Roman Republic. This is distinct from the typical geopolitical king of the mountain conflicts that once existed between kings and today exists between pretend “representatives”.

So do not interpret my defense of Ukraine as a grass-roots movement as somehow supporting Obama or his agenda. He has been trying to get rid of guns, buying up all the ammunition, and trying to revoke passports of anyone who owes money, while tracking everything everyone does and where they go. His NSA spying on Americans domestically is demonstrating the fear of this coming grass-roots uprising when they discover the government will default on pensions.

These are just some of the issues in this first category that is the MAJOR concern of ALL governments and the fuel feeding the rising civil unrest forecast by our model. Government does not wish to admit it, but they are scared to death. This is why Europe is allowing people to be denied free movement within the EU if they are protesters. It is why the USA gave Obama the Internet Kill Switch to prevent the youth from organizing – not for fear of Russia. Do not confuse this trend with the traditional USA v Russia cold war that is getting much hotter. This is substantially different !!!!!!!!