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Republicans Lay Seeds to Destroy Their Own Party – John Boehner’s Revenge

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John Boehner secured his third term as speaker losing 25 votes on the House floor to really unknown members of the Republican Conference. Boehner is one of the most corrupt and ruthless politicians in Washington. This is not a very nice guy. I reported previously that he threw anyone off of any financial committee who supported the tea party or Ron Paul. Boehner also prevented Ron Paul’s name from even being nominated at the Republican Convention. He is a very spiteful and highly revenge seeking individual Boehner quickly has moved to oust two of the insurgents from the influential Rules Committee who voted against him. This guy is capable of destroying the Republican Party and is indeed fulfilling our model that 2016 will be the strong showing of third-party candidates. Boehner is anything but respectful of criticism.

Boehner is always about revenge and paybacks. He will target all his betrayers, who would otherwise see subcommittee chairmanships and other perks be handed to only his supporters. He acts more like a king than the leader of a party. Boehner wants dictatorship and he abuses his position to threaten and coerce anyone who is against his ruthless style of politics. Therein lies our downfall of the United States. We have no hope of reform with people like this in Washington.