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Republican Sweeping Victory Taking Senate – A Prelude to 2016?

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Republicans rode a growing wave of voter discontent during the midterm election winning the control of the Senate literally punishing the Democrats for even electing what is glowingly becoming apparent that Obama is a repeat of Bush Jr, just worse. This will now clip the wings of the Democrats and the social agenda of Obama and his warmed over Marxists like LaGarde in the IMF.


Obama has now lost any of his political influence so he can now just play golf and count his life long pension for pretending to be President of something. Obama is dead as a president. He will not wake up tomorrow and view the world any differently than he did when he woke up this morning. He seems totally disconnected and shunned by his own party for lacking any substance. Perhaps the days of electing puppets may be coming to an end.

We have to connect the dots here around the globe. The President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker has found himself diminished both by Britain and Italy. In a rebuke for Matteo Renzi and David Cameron he urged the politicians to respect the EU Commission. Juncker said “I am not the head of a gang of bureaucrats.I am the President of the European Commission – a political institution – and I want the Prime Minister to respect this institution.” The respect for the head of state is diminishing not just in the USA, but in Europe and Juncker is actually and un-Democratic head of state unelected by the people. He is very much just a bureaucrat and this is what has been running the USA since Bush, Jr. with a mindless puppet pretending to be President. This is really at the core of the American elections. It is not a win for Republicans as much as it is a rebuke of how the state is being run. This is one small step toward 2016 and handing both houses to the Republicans, which now will lead to Americans seeing both parties lead nowhere.

Republicans have indeed won in places where Democrats were even favored, like a Senate race in North Carolina. The Republicans pulled out victories where the going was very tough such as in the Senate race in Kansas. The Republicans even swept a number of governors’ races in states where Democrats were also favored, even in Obama’s home state of Illinois. And as for the House of Representatives, well when the new Congress takes power in January, the Republicans will be in charge of both chambers of Congress for the first time since elections in 2006.

Newsweek-Hit-Road-ObamaWhile Republican Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky won a hard re-election battle, he will now replace Democrat Harry Reid as Senate majority leader. The Democratic press, such as CNBC, have just lost their mind and remain in denial. They actually have been talking themselves in circles arguing that the Democrats lost because they turned their back on Obama.  They just cannot contemplate their vision of Marxism that they spout out is dead. This is not about Republican v the Democrat – this is about people having less and less disposable income and promising to raise taxes on the rich does not put more money in anyone’s pocket except politicians. There is no real tax reduction policy among Democrats for the middle class – it is always raise taxes on the pretend rich that only come back and raise taxes on everyone else at the end of the day.

The warmed over version of Marxism we call socialism has utterly failed. These people in government of both parties promised pensions and social security yet keep reducing everything because it was never funded. They have just assumed they could always tax their way out of ANYTHING. That is what is now collapsing.


Our model actually predicted 52 seats for the Republicans who needed six seats to win control of the 100-member Senate, but by late evening they had the seven. Our model put the maximum at 54 and it showed a minimum of 45, which is where the Republicans were. That showed that the Republicans would certainly not lose any seats. The two Republican victories were in Iowa where Republican Joni Ernst was declared the winner over Democrat Bruce Braley and the Republican Thom Tillis defeated incumbent Democratic Senator Kay Hagan in North Carolina. These were the key seats, but the Republican Senate candidates also picked up Democratic seats in Montana, Colorado, West Virginia, South Dakota and Arkansas.

This is being touted as the “Republican Surge”  that is now expected to force Obama to scale back his legislative agenda (or who ever is pulling the strings) but this may not limit his ambitions to either use un-Democratic executive actions, which should be declared unconstitutional since they do not require legislative approval. Meanwhile, Obama is poised to issue executive actions by year’s end to defer deportations of some undocumented immigrants, and over energy policy, as Republican press the president to approve the Keystone XL pipeline carrying oil from Canada. On other issues, like climate change, Obama is likely to continue to take actions on his own.

Now the delusional Republicans, hoping to win the White House in 2016, will find themselves perhaps wishing they had not had this “Republican Surge” for they will not comprehend what is really going on here. The pressure will now be on  Republicans to show Americans they are capable of governing something. This is a powerful repudiation of the Obama agenda, and the Obama economy that isn’t working. However, the Republicans stand little chance of correcting anything given Boehner removed from all financial committees anyone who supported Ron Paul demonstrating he doesn’t get it. Boehner will now be re-elected as Speaker and this guy is incapable of creating any positive change himself. He likes Washington as is and sees nothing wrong with the power system.. He went out of his way to defeat any Tea Party candidates so he could rule the Republican Party his way – maintain the status quo. That will DOOM the Republicans for 2016 so Boehner was handed the keys to how to destroy the two-party system. Just watch how nothing will change now.

boehner-gavelBoehner cannot grasp that the American people are frustrated with what’s happening in Washington. He will not change anything and see the victory tonight as a confirmation of his delusional view – a huge mistake. A Reuters/Ipsos poll showed 75% of respondents believe the administration needs to “rethink” how it approaches major issues facing the United States and 64% said Obama should replace some of his senior staff after the election. Boehner simply will not grasp this is not a vote for him as much as it is a vote against Washington as a whole. The polls that show the approval rating of Congress are only at 7% – even worse than the Presidency that stand at 39%.


This all sets the stage for 2016. When the people see things do not get better and as the economy turns down 2015.75 – there will be one-year to the 2016 election. We should see a sharp rise in third party (independent) candidates for the first time since the Great Depression.