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Reid’s FATCA & American Oligararchy

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For years I watched the at Justice Department prosecute anyone who competed against New York destroying firms like Drexel )Philadelphia, REFCO (Chicago) and countless small brokers who were inching up too close to New York, They went after Frank Quatrone of First Boston because he stole the IPO business from NYC.  If you compete against NYC, you were simply taken down by the SEC, CFTC, and the DOJ who are effecticely owned and operated by the big boys in NYC.

Reid Harry

Then we turn to Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.). Honestly, only a complete moron could introduce FATCA and assume it will not adversely stop American business from expanding outside the USA. This raises the question that we must ask: Is Sen. Reid also owned to create the American Oligarchy? Just as you cannot compete with New York, ONLY the big multinational companies can have accounts outside the USA. In the early 1980s, I simply jumped on a plane and went to London , negotiated for an office, walked to the bank and opened a local account. It was no big deal. Our London Office opened in a snap back in 1983. Today, that is IMPOSSIBLE for any American to start a business anywhere internationally.

Sen. Harry Reid cannot be that stupid. Surely, this must be the same covert corruption that protects New York that he is concocting to ensure the multinationals are the ONLY companies that can operate and if a small guy invests the next Facebook, he cannot expand without selling the company to an American multinational.