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Regulating Gold Getting Tighter

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The story of ABN Amro ceasing delivery of precious metals it had previously offered to its Dutch clients regarding gold, silver, platinum and palladium, had been an agreement with Deutsche Bank Netherlands, who suspended that agreement. The change only impacts those in Holland and has nothing to do with paper contracts that exist in every futures market. For every purported “short” position there is matched “long” position and the spin is those longs would really drive up the price if the shorts were not there. Crazy logic that assumes such longs are long-term investors rather than traders and hedgers. Since even the Bible says there is a swing with a TIME to buy and a TIME to sell since everything has its opposite, this spin seems more like people desperate to suck in buyers so they can sell. All things oscillate. I do not understand people claiming to be analysts who never say sell and when they are wrong, then blame bankers and manipulation. Solomon Brothers use to come out saying bonds would rise, and then they were secretly the sellers. Anyone forget the guilty pleas putting out bogus research during the .COM Bubble of 2000? ( Beware of those who never say sell.

Nevertheless, at the root of the cause of this issue of ABN stopping delivery is governments demanding information on any delivery of precious metals. The US has imposed tracking of all gold in and out of refineries. Governments realize that the precious metals are the door to the underground economy. They are doing their best to slam it shut.

Obviously, purchasing precious metals in a situation other than anonymous cash, leaves a trail for government to follow. Storage facilities in Europe have thrown out all Americans. If a foreign entity FAILS to report anything an American does in Europe, its assets are subject to confiscation in USA. Unless we can attack the tax system, there will be no hope for liberty to survive.