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Reality Check

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Those who think Government does not control the press, read this one. They want all money to be electronic to collect taxes. They want the kill switch on the internet to shut down the only Free Press that remains. Britain is tearing apart Murdock because they have not been able to control the press as in the USA.

Now if you think Government is honest and benevolent, you better listen to this speech at UCLA. Those yelling fiat are distracting people from the real threat – electronic money. If government truly cared about gold, why are the selling it? Their end-game is the elimination of tangible money replacing it with electronic book entries. Gold will be the savior of the underground economy – not the aboveground economy.

This gets interesting at 14 minutes: He wrote an op ed in the NY Times on how the Fed could not predict anything and the FBI started an investigation of his firm as well as Congress. If you criticism government, you are a dissident – not exercising any constitutional right. The sad truth, there are now rights. They get to do whatever they want and you have to find a judge to ENFORCE your rights that you have to prove exist. When government has stacked the courts, good luck in finding a judge to defend you.!