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Real Estate & Earthquakes

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Japan Tohoku earthquake-tsunami

QUESTION: You wrote that real estate would rally into 2015.75. You also said that real estate is highly regional. So far here in Vegas, property is up about 25% since you wrote that. You are really amazing in your analytical skills. I understand why they came after you thinking that it was merely what you said rather than your analysis. You also said that everything is connected. I am beginning to see the world as you do. It is truly astonishing.

I too lived and worked in Tokyo for a while. I noticed myself about earthquakes and it seemed logical that if there was a plate, move one side and eventually there should be movement on the opposite side. The Rim of Fire is correlated between California, Japan and Taiwan down to New Zealand. A moron can see that much, After the 1989 San Francisco 6.9 magnitude earthquake, there was the 1994 Northridge 6.7 magnitude earthquake that struck  in the San Fernando Valley, followed by the 1995 Kobe, Japan 7.2 magnitude earthquake and 1999 Chi-Chi, Taiwan 7.3  magnitude earthquake, with the 7.1 back in California at Hector Mine Earthquake on October 16, 1999. I can see the connections you make. The dates of these events even correspond to your ECM. So nature is part of the cycle of the economy as well. I am correct?


ANSWER: Absolutely. Now we have the major Japan Tohoku earthquake that hit on March 11, 2011 which was at the bottom of the ECM. We should see more earthquakes hit in 2015. The timing between Japan and Taiwan is generally about 4-5 years or half the 8.6 year cycle.

As far as real estate is concerned, the data on the S&P Case-Shiller is out and that shows we are indeed in bull market into 2015.75 and where you live is up about 29% being the top end of appreciation. Yes, this is why I say gold is not being systemically manipulated. It is in a bearish trend and that is in line with the bullish trend in stocks and real estate. ABSOLUTELY everything is connected.