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Real Conspiracy – the Manipulation of Politics to Save the Euro

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 (The Euro in Crisis)

When the Euro was on the drawing boards, the committee to create the Euro came to our seminar in London and took the whole back row. I was there at the beginning and have first hand knowledge about how it was being designed. I warned them at that time the euro would start to fail after 13 years in line with the ECM – that was 2011. The euro officially began January 1st, 1999. Without a single national debt, the Euro could never become a reserve currency for it would lack depth.

The real problem to emerge is that the euro is more than a single currency. It has become something to defend for thousands of political jobs. The real theory has been to federalize Europe for in the mind of the elites, that would eliminate war. What they failed to grasp is that it can also promote war by dictating a one-size fits all policy.

I have written about the audacity of the EU Commission to intervene and remove elected people in Greece and Italy who wanted to leave the Euro. They are in the process of staging political coups to protect the established bureaucrats in Brussels. This is now all about maintaining power – not the Bilderberg meetings and Illuminati. Tim Geithner has confirmed the coup stating in his book: “At one point that fall, a few European officials approached us with a scheme to try to force Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi out of power.” Geither writes that he told the President about “this surprising invitation” to change the head of Italy, but they decided not to get involved (publicly): “We can’t have his blood on our hands.” Those who always blame the CIA need to expand their perspective. They say there is nothing like a woman scorned. I dare say there is. It’s a politician and unelected bureaucrats.