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Rand Paul Exposes Divide in Republicans

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John McCain is a disgrace and should leave the floor of the Senate. Where was he demanding a clear answer? He is part of the problem. He has been on the Hill way too long to even understand what the issue is about. Including the WSJ. Nobody is bothering to ask what it took so long to answer a simple question given the internal memo of the DOJ. But to do it in a short 3 line letter from the Attorney General Holder, the man who was in charge of WACO (, come on.

Rand Paul exposed the Republicans are no better than the Democrats. They do not represent the people for they laughed at Paul, refused to stand up for the people, and only a few showed up based upon emails and Twitter from real people. This is a international disgrace and one has to ask WHY would nobody answer the question? The way lawyers answer, all they said was they would not use a drone. That does not rule out assassination from a good old fashion bullet or siege as in WACO including tanks.