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Questioning Cycles

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Mr. Armstrong, thank you for all the educating of the masses that you are doing, I have a question about one of the charts in your article of April 8 titled “The ECM and the Interaction of a Complex Wave Structure” you show a series of charts, the chart of “Grate Lakes Annual Maximum Ice Coverage 1973-2014” looks like random occurrence to me, if this is wrong could you explain how your model would be able to project lets say the 2015 winter ice coverage in the Great Lakes, this chart doesn’t seem to follow any know cycle or Pi.

Thank you in advance for your insight.




ANSWER: There are many dimensions to cycles. You have turning points and you have the building in volatility creating different amplitude in waves – Phase Transitions. It was Lorenz for fed a huge swath of weather data into a computer and what came out was a hidden order from what appeared to be chaos.

This was the birth of Chaos Theory. It is complex and not always easily seen by the naked eye. This has been revealed with the computer for only there can you see the patterns emerge from what would seem to be just random noise.



Your problem is common. People assume cycles are simply constant wave formations like the Transverse Wave and if they do not see that they assume it is bullshit. Then there are cycles that repeat patterns over great lengths and cannot be seen trying to measure a Transverse formation from one peak to the next peak and conclude this is nonsense.



Now the complexity really builds for what enters the equation is the Superposition Principle. Now you have many cycles impacting others from different instruments or data sources and just when you thought a high should unfold, sorry, you get a low. This is why I call these targets TURNING POINTS because there can be the Phase Transition creating the bubble tops (Constructive Inference) and Cycle Inversions (Destructive Inference).

I just hired a in house editor because we have so many books to get out and no time to do this. I am running around in so many directions and it will get far worse after 2015.75. So we will try to start getting these books out and this is part of the subject behind the Geometry of Time.