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We could use the Queen’s Veto in USA

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COMMENT: Since we only have a representative democracy, (unlike some) I find it very healthy that the sovereign is consulted on all major acts of parliament.

What isn’t well-known (although it’s published as such) – is that income tax is only  a temporary law, and as such has to be restated every year and presented to the Queen on opening of each parliament.


From the point of view of the democratic process – I find this very healthy, as civil servants would no doubt have wanted that turned formerly into a permanent statute.  No doubt the Queen is aware of the history of taxation and its potential impact on personal freedom and property ownership.


(by the way  – Scotland has every intention of retaining the Monarch post any succesful vote on independency!).


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REPLY: I fully agree that the Queen’s veto power is very good. Politicians are subject to the wind of money and chance. The Monarch is there and in Britain the tradition is taken more seriously. The Queen is still respected in many former British Commonwealth Nations. A Yes Voted in Scotland will not displace the Queen’s respect in Scotland


It is a shame we do not allow the Queen to veto Obama