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Putin Throws Down the Gauntlet

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Vladimir Putin has effectively accused the Obama Administration and the United States on Friday of endangering global security by imposing a “unilateral diktat” upon the rest of the world. Putin also denied trying to rebuild the Soviet empire at the expense of Russia’s neighbors and has stated bluntly: “We did not start this.”

On this score, Putin is correct. The US moved NATO forward and Obama’s policy has been to impose sanctions on Russia in hopes that he would be overthrown by his own people. This is amazing audacity on the part of Obama that is just shy of what the CIA use to do – just assassinate people – but honorably since they world for government. Putin has boldly warned that the Obama Administration in Washington is trying to “remake the whole world” based on its own self-interests. Hard to actually deny that one.

Putin has also denied “Statements that Russia is trying to reinstate some sort of empire, that it is encroaching on the sovereignty of its neighbors, are groundless.” Not sure about that. It would be great if Putin woke up and realized that the way to the future is not grabbing territory, but economically.

Communism collapsed because central planning failed. The economic system in the West is also collapsing for the very same reason plus a massive debt burden. My advice to Putin – be patient. Russia collapsed NOT because of a CIA plot, but because of Marxism. The West had nothing to do with that. Cheer up! The same disease is at work and the West will collapse in the blink of an eye the same as Communism collapsed suddenly overnight. This is how such changes take place. The CIA could have figure that out if I wrong the book on the subject. The same goes in reverse. Cheer up! Be Happy! As the song goes – your day is coming. Probably faster than anyone thinks.