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Putin outclasses Obama even on the Worst of Days

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Vladimir Putin on his worst possible day can still outclass Obama or any Western Leader when it comes to strategy. The West are lawyers – Putin is ex-KGB. The difference is displayed is so many ways. It is more than just watching body-language. Putin has totally confused Obama in a brilliant strategy of divide and conquer. Putin has responded to these insane sanctions as any really smart chess-player would. You get the supporters of your adversary to jump-ship.


Rome’s first gold coin was issued only during the Punic War when Hannibal was invading Italy from the North. Rome’s allies were abandoning them and to show that they too had wealth, Rome issued its first gold coinage – the stater to Greek standards with the image of Janus. This was meant to defeat Hannibal’s strategy of dividing the Italian allies of Rome.


Putin has brilliantly responded to sanctions against the budget airline Dobrolet with an unorthodox move: Putin left the US manufacturer Boeing after ordering 16 new airplanes and made a deposit. This has the same impact as Hannibal – turn US industry against Obama. It was an absolute classic move worthy of the history books. Obama is simply outclassed by Putin who could care less about law, he just plays the real world game of strategy. Sorry Obama – you should have studied ancient military history.