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Propaganda & Children – Always the First Target of Leaders

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Government always seek to use propaganda to alter the views of children. They are doing this with global warming in American schools. As war approaches, this introduces new influences to inject into the minds of children. NO government is exempt from this practice.
Tin Russia, they are using the alphabet in an attempt to turn the children against Ukraine demonstrating just how important this is to them. In the school Nr 11 in Irkutsk, Russia.
they are teaching the alphabet using political associations.
A – Antimaidan
Б – Berkut (special forces, who killed people on Maidan)
В – politeness (a “polite” soldier in Crimea on the picture..)
Г – border
Д – Donetsk (nobody knows why)
… П – Putin, Р – Russia etc……….
Actually, there existed earlier the Ukrainian alphabet with all the words and symbols of Euromaidan as well, but it was designed ONLY for Internet users, for entertainment, not for kids!!!!!!!!!! Further evidence that this is used in schools may be seen at this link.
US-Children-2 US-Chilredn
American propaganda was big during World War II as well. This is how war is simply fought.
German propaganda also targeted children. This is just a fact of life. Watch the propaganda and you see the intentions of the leaders. They often sell it first to the children.