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Preparing for War

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The propaganda machine is in full force. Everything is used for political purposes regardless of the truth. Within mere days after the crash of a Malaysian Airlines flight over eastern Ukraine, US politicians and the government media joined together to spin the story that it was Russia who shot down the plane or their Russian supported rebels. It just had to be Putin everyone has declared. Obama even held a press conference to claim before any investigation Russia was responsible. His stooges, like ambassador to the UN Samantha Power, repeated the conclusion at the UN Security Council only one day after the crash showing this was predetermined. Moreover, it seems like Colin Powell telling the UN about the weapons of mass destruction. The only difference – Powell had integrity and when he found out he was lied to, the line was crossed.


Any new claims that the Malaysian Airlines flight was shot down with a Russian missile means absolutely ZERO since the Ukrainian forces had the same weapons. Obama needs war because of the Sovereign Debt Crisis. The pensions are collapsing. Europe is screwed economically. The powers that be simply need war to hold on to power and they all know it. I would not believe a single word Obama has to say about anything. I see no difference between him. McCain, Lindsey Graham, or any other cold-hearted politician regardless of their party affiliation.