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Pravada Predicts Russia will Restore Soviet Union by 2025

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Russian Pravda is reporting that the Soviet Union will be resurrected by 2025. The truth about this, unfortunately, Europe is collapsing because of the socialism and the destruction of any future for the youth. Pravda this time is actually not spitting out wild propaganda. Russia will rise and become a very formidable power even on the economic front. They will be to Europe what the Germans were to Rome.

The disarming of Rome was accomplished by the unsound economic finance. Once the pension go, who will even join the army? Politicians are only concerned with keeping power – not for the welfare of society. They are the biggest threat to our future for even a blind man can see what they are doing is a failure. Even Obamacare they try to paint as a huge success for it now has 1.1 million people signing up out of 317 million. But the added costs and all the nonsense regulations introduce and the new taxes, are far more than if they just made the medical bills of so few people.

Honestly. If these people had twice the life jackets on the sinking Titanic, they still could not figure out how to distribute them. They are leading the world into real chaos and as the Cycle of War turns up – this is all unfolding on schedule. Just crazy.