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Practical Economics is Coming

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Mr. Armstrong,


I’m a 30yr old treasury trader. I trade billions a week/month with the biggest of the big from hedge funds to mostly primary dealers, I do technical analysis for them and I trade for myself but Im writing you because you have inspired me and influenced me throughout my career.


I couldn’t be the successful trader that I am had it not been for you, your efforts, and endeavors. I have studied almost everything you have ever written and I have tried my best to save your research and writings for both out of fear that one day it would be seized/destroyed and out of a desire and dream some day to start an education system/ institute following your principles of cycles and how the global economy really works and passing them along. We have “Institutes of Technology” in our establishments of higher learning (which seems we both agree are a joke)…its my dream to start one day an “Institute of Trading” as we so need as a nation and a world, we need to really know how to manage risk and how to trade. I want the truths that you have discovered about all the cycles, about capital flows, about trading, and the real GLOBAL economy to be at the core of this dream.


You deserve the nobel and every other prize that has ever been established in the realm of economics. Your proof of Cycles (from the ECM -fractal in nature- to the individual asset classes and their respective cycles) , your compilation of the economic data, of historical prices, and understanding of and documentation of all such historical events indeed is the most remarkable achievement in the field of trading/investments/ & economics that more than likely will have ever been accomplished.  You really do deserve such accolades one day …and you truly are one of the greatest traders if not the best to have ever lived (your trillions in assets under management proves this point to say the least and you deserve such merits before even considering the astonishing Computer/ Artificial Intelligence dynamic system you have produced).


I’m writing this to you out of thanks, appreciation, and the utmost admiration. It would be my dream to someday get to study/trade under you, although I’m not sure that is your goal these days as you are leading our only hope for western democratic free market survival with little time to spare. However should this find you and you have a desire to lead the younger generation that wants to carry your torch…I would most certainly like to be the first to follow in the smallest of your footsteps and/or at least try to multiply what you have started.


Thank you again for everything that you have done for the world of economics/trading/investing. Thank you for everything that unknowingly you have done for my education and my career. And thank you that you continue to fight the good fight.

You are a great man Mr. Armstrong, God Bless You…


REPLY: Thank you very much. I have been actually asked to teach at three universities so far. To my complete shock, I went to a meeting with one. I was told bluntly that what they teach does not work. This is one of the most famous in the world. We are in a major transitional period where the thinking process will invert just as it did with the Great Depression. There is a return coming to the way it was before this whole social agenda that has destroyed our future. Government is too corrupt to actually care about the people. It sounds great – but like Obamacare, they could not fairly distribute life-jackets on a sinking ship even if they had more than they needed. It reminds me of Milton Friedman’s view of government.



I am planning to come out with a historical book to deal with the Practical Economics to set the record straight. It is now being edited. I am finish.