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Pound v Euro – Should Britain Just Leave? Is the Euro a Doomed Currency?

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THATCHER-4The European Union will hit Britain with punitive fines of £90 million next year if David Cameron refuses to pay a £1.7 billion bill from Brussels. If Cameron has any guts, he will lead Britain out of the EU before it is too late – that’s what Maggie Thatcher would do. Maggie warned that the danger of the EU would be that its end-goal was a political union (one-government) not an economic one. I can verify that since the commission to create the Euro came to our London World Economic Conference and took the whole back row. They just wanted to create the Euro at all costs. They understood what I had warned that you cannot create a single currency without a single debt. They told me there was no support for that so this had to be accomplished in steps. Indeed, the end goal was a single government for this idea that a one European government would eliminate European wars.

Thatcher - We are simply asking for our own money

Merkel-3Unquestionably, Maggie understood cycles and history. She would NEVER give into Merkel who seems to be hell-bent upon destroying her own country politically for this one-government theory. She will not even allow any referendum on the Euro in Germany trying to ensure the people have no real say in their future or the future of Europe.

Merkel has now suggested that she would rather see Britain leave the EU than change the rules on freedom of movement, describing the principle as “non-negotiable”. Merkel is doing her best to just support a failed policy and she will ruin Germany in the process. Britain had better take her up on the statement and get out-of-town before it is too late.


Mr Cameron has said last month that he would not pay the “completely unacceptable” bill and warned that it would reduce the chances of Britain staying in the EU. Brussels is out of control and this is now all about keeping the bureaucracy alive not in fixing any problem. Brussels is actually now threatening to charge Britain interest for a late payment that is almost £2 million per week if it refuses to pay the full amount by December 1st.


The Treaty of Rome was a group of six nations creating far more than an economic union behind the curtain. The EU needs Britain – it is not the other way around. Britain should get out of the EU while they can still walk. Our computer’s first mind-blowing forecast in 1980 I have relayed numerous times over the years was that Britain would separate from Europe economically and its economy would align more with the USA than Europe. That dramatic forecast is why I had to teach it language to understand how could such a forecast be real. That forecast remains in full force today as it did 35 years ago.


Here is the ECM calculated for the birth of the EU with the Treaty of Rome on March 25, 1957 (1957.23), when representatives of the six founding countries met in the Italian capital to sign the agreement, which became the cornerstone of the EU. If we plot the ECM from that date, we arrive at the target 2008.83 (October 30, 2008), which should have marked the beginning of the end for the EU.

ECM Greece


Of course it was 2010 when Greece first moved into crisis. That took place precisely to the day on the Global ECM Pi Target. Strangely enough, the first sign of a crack with the EU actually took place to the day of this model in Italy – October 30th, 2008. The Italian Education Reform Protests erupted on precisely October 30th, 2008 : Protestors to the Education Reform proposed by Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi had taken to the streets, including teachers, students and parents over the proposed multi-billion-euro education cuts .This date of October 30th in Italian history is rather important. In 1922 Mussolini on Monday, Oct. 30th, demanded that complete control of the government be handed over to his organization or he was prepared to fight his way to power with his army of 800,000 supporters. The King of Italy Victor Emanuel agreed to his demands and allowed him to form a cabinet  It is interesting how that date market the start of the protests against the EU policies.

Euro-2008-m CrashWhen we look at the Euro itself, that date marked the first low in the crack of the Euro. Our models on Europe show that this wave that ended 2008.83 was a PUBLIC WAVE and Europe entered into its PRIVATE WAVE and this is where government becomes aggressive because it is attempting to hold on to power it once had. This is why Europe is becoming politically doomed and unreasonable warning that it is now more-likely-than-not that we will see Europe break and the fate of the Euro appears to be a doomed currency.