Polls show Americans Do Not See Putin as Much More of a Threat Than Obama

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New Poll in USA shows the American people see Putin as only slightly more imminent threat than Obama himself. This is what I have been saying. There is NO DIFFERENCE between the Russian people and the American people. Russian have migrated to the USA and you meet many people from there. Some flew to Princeton for the Solution Conference to my surprise for I thought we would have attendees only local. We filled the room and people had to stand for we exceeded the 300 capacity.


Our sessions have ALWAYS been international events. The fact people can come together at our sessions from around the world show we are not different from one-another, this is only in the minds of our political leaders. They play chess with our lives – the Pawn of Finance.

The same thing with Snowden. Politicians call him a traitor for he exposed their illegal activities to the people. That must mean that the people are the enemy or else their theory of treason is wrong.

This latest poll that shows the people do not see Putin as the evil empire and Obama as the White Knight here to save society, reflects reality.

We are at the PEAK of the political cycle. So this should be where corruption is outrageous. The political process is now at its worst. From October forward is when we need people more than ever to stand-up on the Hill. If there is nobody there on our side, there may be nothing left at the end of the day.