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Politicians & the Denial of Order

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Politicians-Vote For Me


 Dear Martin,

This conference was an eye-opener for me, in various respects. I am a really hard-nosed evidentialist by education and a well-tought chartist in various theoretical constructs for more than 30 years. But I never came across your sort of thinking and applying these thoughts to the markets. I am truly impressed and I am really keen on catching up on the readings you sent out.

Something by the side:
I confronted a highly commended physicist with your thougths about a hidden order in our world, (even influencing our way of thinking, our behaviour) that manifests itself in cycles which might be directly or indirectly dependent on Pi. He was far less astonished than I imagined and expressed in his own somewhat gruffy way the conviction that it was “about time” that someone applied this theoretically much discussed theme to “something useful” (his words).

Looking forward to your service for traders, actually, even I understood that the investment level will be available first.

A heartfelt “Thank you” and best regards,


REPLY: It is truly astonishing how in the real world of tangible science Pi is understood and when you cross into the social “sciences”  we refuse to accept there is even a business cycle. Politicians further their career by representing they can alter the cycles and create utopia by taxing the rich or some other nonsense. In reality, they prevent society from understanding reality.