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Politicians Are Just Blind to Everything

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To be a European politician, it is starting to look like the requirement was to be mentally challenged, incapable of reason, blind to the truth, oblivious to everything around you that shows you are wrong, and obviously they required special schooling as a child. Austerity to maintain “confidence” in the currency is PRECISELY what the academics advised during the Great Depression. Europe is being torn apart at the seams. How can you constantly raise taxes and then expect small business to develop to create jobs? Bankruptcies of business in Spain last year rose 45%. The youth are fed up with “socialism” and fail to see where taxing the rich benefits them with unemployment exceeding 60%. These politicians are destroying the entire future of the next generation. But they could care less as long as they get their perks and retain their jobs – that is all that matters – not the people, the country, or the future. Even S&P in Berlin has reported the rising tensions. You have to be brain-dead not to get this point. What is the end game? Sorry – I did not take the little bus to school so I somehow just do not get this reasoning.