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Police Used Obamacare for Criminal Charges

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A man video taping police while someone is taken to the hospital has resulted in criminal charges being filed against a young man citing it is a criminal violation to invade someone’s health privacy filming police in a confrontation. This incident demonstrates how you have no rights. They get to charge you with whatever they want. It is your burden to defend, plead guilty if you cannot afford the fight, and effectively you have to PROVE they are wrong and take that through countless courts at unbelievable expense. In reality, until the day arrives where government must FIRST go to court to test their new theory BEFORE charging people, the Constitution is absolutely worthless.

Take Insider trading in securities. That was a director who sold his stock withholding bad news during the 1930’s causing others to lose money until he had sold his shares. Rudy Giuliani flipped it upside down saying two people are taking over a company and they profited from info so the fraud became others were defrauded out of the same “opportunity” to make money. He not only charged Milken for something nobody had been ever prosecuted before, but he destroyed Drexel Burnham the firm that began junk bonds and the business then moved to NYC destroying 50,000 jobs. The theory was never intended to work that way but what the hell, Prosecutors make law – not Congress or the people.

It is the unelected prosecutors who create new theories, judges endorse them since they were typically prosecutors, and democracy is defeated because laws are SUPPOSED to be created only by the people. Right! Good one! Even worldwide taxation of Americans was NEVER enacted by Congress, that is purely a judicial manipulation of words that has destroyed the USA in international commerce.

This is why it has become dangerous for capital to invest in America – there is never any rule of law that is defined BEFOREHAND. They make up shit as they like in their minds. This incident now demonstrates how police see Obamacare – the right to shut down public scrutiny. It will cost someone tons of money to fight nasty police who think it is their RIGHT to destroy the nation for personal power trips.