Police Just Robbing People

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I read your recent post regarding Police Arresting People for Just Having Money. We’ve been dealing with this for a while in Tennessee. The public at large is starting to get tired of it as this has been a common occurrence in our state for several years now. A Legislator in our state has introduced a bill to curb such a practice (http://www.adisgruntledrepublican.com/2015/03/policing-for-profit-may-be-coming-to.html), but will face serious opposition from local governments across the state. Regardless of pass or fail, do you see such individual cases as a positive sign for post 2015.75 shifts in the right direction for US governance and economic reform?



ANSWER: Unfortunately, this is all about revenue. This has nothing to do with crime. They are using the laws to fill their pockets and this is part of the peak in this government abuse cycle for 2015.75. They will continue to get more aggressive and this creates the deflation, but at the same time, this is what will eventually lead to civil unrest. This whole thing has gone way too far. They are then imposing fines and imprisoning people who cannot pay those fines bringing back Debtor’s Prison. We are leaving a total mess behind for our families. They have no future all because these people cannot keep their hands out of other people’s pockets.