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Police in Australia Have Gone Nuts

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Victoria Australia 2

Police in Melbourne have adopted ruthless tyranny. They have been caught on video attacking women because they do not have a mask while walking down a street. Police and the army are entering homes without a warrant if they think you are violating COVID restrictions. They have imposed effectively Marshal Law ignoring all human rights and have enforced an 8pm curfew. They have destroyed over 400,000 jobs as Melbourne’s lockdown is labeled the worst EVER breach of Aussie freedoms. They have imprisoned their people with complete stay-at-home orders as well. Meanwhile, we may see a revolution emerge in Australia as well as the government has stated that wearing masks may be a permanent change to daily life for years to come.

Many are starting to question if Gates or others have simply bribed politicians to turn against their own people in these dramatic ways. You cannot throw away all the liberty of the people under the pretense of protecting them while brutally attacking people for not having a mask. Obviously, Melbourne will no longer be a place for business travelers. These restrictions will wipe out their economy for years to come.