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People who challenge the system – Russian News

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The month of March has changed the lives of three very different people, who in their own way have decided to fight with the System (“Goldman Sachs – FRS”).

1. Sergey Aleynikov, a former employee of Goldman Sachs, the developer of the trading platform, has received 8 years in prison for the transmission codes of the trading platform to third parties (Germany) last summer. According to an extract from a court order (p. 8, lines 3-7) “…… due to the fact that the software is associated with a variety of markets and exchanges, banks (Goldman Sachs) indicates that knowing trading platform it can be used to manipulate the markets unfairly “.
2. Bernard von NotHaus, founder NORFED «National Organization for the abolition of the Fed and the Internal Revenue Code,” the United States (or “Liberty Services”) and architect of the monetary system “the Liberty Dollar” was found guilty of:
a) for the manufacture, storage, sale and distribution of silver coins Liberty Dollar, similar to US coins,
b) for the production and distribution of these coins to arrange payment and
c) for conspiring against the United States.
The accused can get a 15-year prison sentence, 250 thousand. Dollars in fines and confiscation of the whole issue Liberty Dollar (weighing 16,000 pounds) of the market value of 7 million. US dollars.
3. March 8, 2011 Martin A. Armstrong, former head of the Princeton Economic Int, founder of Pi-cyclical model of the world (countries, corporations, markets, assets, more than 13,000 models), the main US political prisoner, an active supporter of the gold (but not the gold standard) moved from prison to house arrest after 10 years in prison. Upon his release, Armstrong pointed to his first victim – Goldman Sachs (Alan Cohen), the originator of his imprisonment and his first goal – to protect the bullish trend in gold on the new 8.6 years, P-loop.
Goldman Sachs (with the support of the Federal Reserve and the Bush family), to seize the Princeton Economic in the early 2000s and received partial access to the P-model (the key to the computer Armstrong-and was destroyed), proceeded to the modeling world, issuing in 2001 the first the idea of ​​BRIC ……. According to Pi-model this year syndicate Goldman Sachs and FRS can:
1) turn the QE program in connection with the end of a 4-year cyclical downturn of the economy in June 2011, followed by a 4-year-old natural cyclical US GDP growth until 2015.
2) complete the controlled growth of quotations of gold in 2012 with the change in the bearish trend until 2015. To do this, according to Armstrong will need to model a certain combination of a sharp rise in share price on the tired 11-year trend, for example, by achieving new highs in June 2011 and January 2012 (2500 dollars per ounce). In any case, the Fed will act quickly and decisively, because according to the Pi-cycle of its active phase unpunished behavior ends at the end of 2012. . By the end of June 2011, we once again return to this topic. For more information on the Russian can be found at