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Pensions in Alberta – Same Problem

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COMMENT: Hi Mr. Armstrong,

I enjoy reading your blog everyday, and thank you for your thoughts and for sharing your expertise.  This article which just appeared on’s website is about how public pensions need to be reformed within the province of Alberta Canada, and how the union is against this.  Please refer to the following link



REPLY: We  are facing a global meltdown in the entire pension and socialistic system. ALL of these ideas has assumed they can eliminate the business cycle. They have all failed. We are preparing a special report on this issue. This is why equities are rising. Where can you put cash today? Banks can legally take it. Gold can be taxed and confiscated while they have made it impossible to get it out of the USA or to even store in safe deposit boxes. This hunt for money by government is forcing cash into real estate and equities for now.