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Peddle to the Medal

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The Sovereign Debt Crisis is leading to authoritarian governments all over the world. Because government have to pay the bondholders and are scared to death of what happens if they cannot, we must lose all our liberties. It is not just the USA. It is everyone. You might want to know that it was Adolf Hitler who made it illegal for a German citizen to have an account at a bank outside of Germany. This is why Switzerland adopted the secrecy laws in 1934. The Swiss had the courage to stand up to Hitler, but neither to the USA or Germany today. In Switzerland, if you open an account at a bank they now require you to fill out a form stating you are not an American citizen. American are being thrown out of everywhere because the USA made it illegal if a foreign entity fails to inform the USA that one of its citizens has an account. France is more or less ignoring the global trend and is putting peddle to the medal. As if they were driving straight off a cliff, they have simply sped up the process. On Wednesday the French government approved a measure that will lower the retirement age to 60 from 62 for a narrow group of workers, reversing the unpopular pension reforms made by former President Nicolas Sarkozy. They are also in Britain hunting down its citizens with new tax investigations:

The government are all about self-interest. If you really think anything will change for the positive, think again: