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Parallel Construction – International Plausible Deniability

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The US has been using the British and the Germans to spy on Americans as they in turn gather evidence on their citizens and they are all avoiding the the law. “Parallel Construction” is a term used within government when they are creating fictitious documents to pretend how a case against any citizen actually begins. The government routinely hides evidence all the time in every case it may bring for any reason. What has been going on also is the International Plausible Deniability Scam. I explained the detail of how US brokers send money back and forth to trade with client funds. The New York branch sends the cash to the London branch where placing client funds into the overnight REPO market requires client approval.  The US branch becomes the “client” of the London branch and then legally trades all the client funds in New York without clients ever approving anything. This is how M.F. Global lost client money. They have been shipping money around to skirt the laws. I myself kept my funds in Fannies which were not AAA and could not be posted in the REPO market. Why did the bank plead guilty and agree to return the missing funds? Because they were playing games with my notes and still using the money NEVER posting any entries in the account statements to show what they were doing. I thought I prevented them from shipping my funds out using Fannies instead of T-Bills. They found way around that and didn’t bother to record any entries.

Government agencies play the same trick. The British can violate US law and gather info on Americans and then hand it over to the NSA completely illegal and the NSA can say they did not do it. Likewise, the NSA does the same thing to British so each organization is able to act entirely illegal by having the other do the dirty work. This is how Parallel Construction also plays a role in hiding what they are doing globally creating International Plausible Deniability. The White House says all the time that they are intercepting foreign info. What they are not being honest about are the deals they cut with others to spy on Americans and then they swap the data. This is not about terrorism. This is hunting money on a grand scale.