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Our Sources in Germany – Isolate Greece

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Greek-Syriza 1-25-2015

Our sources in Germany are revealing the silent strategy will be to virtually not recognize the Greek Premier Alexis Tsipras pretending nothing really took place. They are employing the Putin strategy to Greece – our way or no way. German Chancellor Angela Merkel will avoid being drawn into any direct confrontation with Tsipras pretending that the EU knows best. While Tsipras will be at the European Union summit next week, they intend to really ignore him. This is the word we are getting behind the curtain. They want to now show Tsipras that he is isolated in Europe and he had better do as they tell him or else.

There also appears to be little room to provide further support for Greece without Greece yielding to EU demands. They remain skeptical about Tsipras’s claims that he can raise revenue by cutting corruption and increasing taxes on the rich. It is a shame that he is left wing for his warmed-over Marxist theories have been proven to be so wrong just looking at France. Tsipras is not willing to turn his rhetoric into real reform just yet so Greece will more than likely continue to slowly bleed to death until the people see nothing has changed. What then? Revolution?