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Our Progress Report

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To keep you all up to date, I have hired a CEO who was the head trader for many of the biggest banks over the years in Europe and the Middle East. He terminated his employment yesterday and will be joining in 2 months. I will be free to research and program. We are in discussions with others joining and some who want to join as partners to take the operation public so it continues beyond me. I have also brought in a head programmer and we are moving rapidly to porting Socrates to the Web for access but in a manner that will ensure no one will be able to hack in – which is critical.

We are looking at setting up two more sites – Spanish and Chinese. If the world is able to access the same data and see that indeed we are all connected, just maybe we can make a contribution to the future. No decisions have been made yet on those partners, but we are nearly there.

We will have Socrates set up so you can select your portfolio and it will monitor that for you. We are in the process of licensing the technology for a hedge fund. As long as I do not have to go back to trading 7 days a week, I have not problem with doing this in such a manner.

The Princeton Economics Track Record at Deutsche Bank