Opinion & Speculation do not Cut It.

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COMMENT: “You don’t consider all the possibilities. What if the USA has set in motion the revolution in Ukraine because they wanted and expected Russia to do exactly what Russia is doing. First the corruption of the prior President of Ukraine was revealed in the process and now Russia is being made to look like the aggressor in the eyes of the international community.”

REPLY: It is a shame that such nonsense degrades the people of Ukraine and makes their suffering just some conspiracy plot not worthy of any respect and the people who have died deserve nothing – not even a mention.The Ukrainian people’s efforts and cries for freedom obviously fall upon deaf ears with this bullshit. No PLOT can move that many people to action and you know nothing about plots or coups verses real revolutions born of civil unrest. Under your skepticism, the American and French Revolutions were fake as well or even the Russian Revolution of 1917 or Yeltsin standing on the tanks in 1991. It is always some plot by masterminds who cannot tie their shoes and chew gum at the same time yet have unbelievable power to move nations. They cannot manage the economy, which would require the same master skills to move a nation of people as they desire.

The West has usurped Ukraine and stuffed the Parliament with their favored professional politicians. That does not mean the US government instigated that. NOT a single person from Maidan was invited by the West to be part of this new government for they will NOT deal with revolutionaries for ONE reason – they cannot be bought or told what to do. Obama just came out and stated the US will not send troops to Ukraine and Britain is in the same camp. They do not plot a revolution with no intent to be involved.

I personally know people who were on the barricades in Maidan. I do not offer my “opinion” no “speculation” with what I think might have happened. You can sit in your room pretending to be a victim of grand plots, I actually am engaged around the world. What took place in Ukraine will take place in Europe and eventually in the USA. You are blind to a rising trend on a global basis against widespread corruption because you prefer to be a victim that is powerless against the forces of darkness that you can only theorize. I have groups asking for help from India to Eastern Europe. I can see the same complaints are universal. Don’t worry – it will hit Russia too. This is the Age of Civil Unrest – it is a shame you cannot see beyond Ukraine nor connect the dots.

The Ukrainian people have been told by the West to now shut-up. They have been warned that if they overthrow the installed politicians, who will sell their country down the tubes taking direction from the IMF, the people of Ukraine will not be supported by the West. Well, the West is not supporting them anyway and Kerry just made that clear today. They will be exploited upon the directions of the IMF. I oppose intervention from the West or from Russia. These people deserve a life – not one dictated as pawns in a some giant game of geopolitical-chess.

This “aggression” is Putin’s agenda and he has been on record stating his goal is to restore the Soviet Union by 2020. The West will leave Ukraine assuming Putin will stop there as was the case with Hitler and Poland. There was no plot that gave Putin that mindset. I know PERSONALLY how he came to power and PERSONAL friends of Putin for decades. He simply believes that restoring territory will return respect to Russia. It is a shame he sees land as power rather than economics. However, it is what it is.

The Russian economy is less than half that of Japan on a bad day. China has outperformed Russia because they have ALLOWED free enterprises to form. Russia moved only from Communism to Oligarchy. Russia could have been the second largest economy had it just let the people free to compete. There is no open free enterprise in Russia to create a new future and that is its short-fall. Taking back all of Eastern Europe will not make Russia great. It will only drain its economy and lead to even more poverty. This is the 21st century – not the 19th.

Sorry – it is you who fills gaps with presumptions and assumptions based upon comic book scripts. There is a whole lot more behind-the-curtain than anyone could possibly imagine. You credit these people with incredible wisdom and power. You have not stared directly into their eyes as I have in search of a light.