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Aurelius - Opinion

COMMENT: Mr. Armstrong; I really have to congratulate you. Your work is astonishing. I see why they accused you of manipulating the world. You simply do what others cannot do. You put your opinion aside and focus purely on the facts. If we can somehow bring this approach to government, it would be a complete new future that lies ahead.

Thanks for all you do to help us see what is right before our eyes.


REPLY: Thank you. But I have been trained by my clients. Because  I was international and not domestic, everyone forced me to see the world through their eyes. It is really Adam Smith just up a notch. Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius was truly a brilliant man. His writings have survived and what he teaches is the key to everything. I have been fortunate to learn and absorb what I have been shown by others. This has been my discovery – not my invention. Just follow the capital flows and the answer will be there. We end up in the wrong direction when to begin with a preconceived idea that limits our perspective so that everything we see is only within that concept. We cannot reach the truth with such a bias. Always reduce whatever subject matter to its seed and proceed from there. We cannot understand how things function without investigation. When we try to manipulate the way the economy functions, then all the problems start. Even Joseph from the Bible told the Pharoah his dream meant that there will be 7 years of plenty and 7 years of drought so prepare and survive. Government today tries to change the weather instead of living within the cycle. Our arrogance knows no limit.