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OPEN SOURCE – Perhaps the Real Curse

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QUESTION: Hello Martin, Would you ever consider open-sourcing your source code?


ANSWER: I am a firm believer in open source in areas of research. But in this case, what I have gone through for this code is off the charts. Governments see it as a potential for a weapon of mass destruction. When the model was able to forecast wars and the collapse of Russia back in 1998, that is when everything went nuts. They simply told me to my face that they had to OWN the model.

socrates-5Honestly, people have tried to steal the code. I have had to endure too many corrupt individuals. These dumb-ass people do not realize what they are playing with. If they had the code, they would kill them to get their hands on it. For me, it is my protection because they need me to interpret. Had I turned over the code, I would have been declared dead of something and kept in some bunker. I was literally influenced by two great men. The first was Socrates who when sentenced to death said he did not care. It was either the migration of the soul to where he would see all his old friends, or it would be like a mid-summer sleep, so peaceful you are not disturbed by a dream. Once I adopted that position, I actually disarmed them. They can no longer hurt you if you release all fear of death.

Henry PatrickThe second person to influence me was Patrick Henry who said Give me Liberty or Give Me Death. Only when you realize that we ALL live in a prison and are not free to come and go as we please to even book an airline ticket without them checking who you are, then and only then do you appreciate what those words really meant. To yield is to surrender ALL liberty – you cannot relinquish just a little.

So we are given the fortitude that helps us survive. I would release the code only to OPEN SOURCE after the crisis is over. They will truly kill anyone else who was stupid enough to think they can take the code and become rich. These people are looking at political control – not money. They see the potential to manipulate countries and create wars. You have to understand that one of the very tools in war was to counterfeit your opponent’s currency to undermine their economy.


Here is a counterfeit British note produced by Germany. They see this as a potential economic weapon. This is the way they viewed the code. They wanted me to go to Washington to build the model for them.

Governments look at this model because everyone knows what it has done and need to know what it says even if they intend to defend against what is happening. So the answer is no! You would not want what they think has national security potential. If you want to see how fast someone will vanish, let him even pretend to have his hands on the code. I would not wish that on my worst enemy. This is not about money to them. It is about power.

I doubt seriously that any attempt to release this into the world of OPEN SOURCE would not be looked upon very kindly.