One-Issue Generation – The View From Texas

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COMMENT: Hello Martin

I was talking to one of my friends and I was complaining about the “Me” generation.  They pointed out that people in the USA usually have one issue that they care about.  They are dubbed the “Single issue voter”

You are so right – here in Austin real estate is going up and some cars you have to order 12 weeks out.  The economy is on fire.

When I interview people on what they think about the constitution.  I believe the best word to describe it is apathy.  They only care about their single issue.  Most don’t really care about anything unless it affects them today.  The world comes down to – what are my payments and what is the affect on my single issue??

These people will never buy gold – ever..

These people will never buy anything but real estate ( their house ) When things don’t go well they will react as they always have and buy what they are told to buy.. (us bonds)

The US housing market is the largest trap in the history ..

Austin has a huge traffic problem – I estimate the rail project they need will cost – 3 billion usd

When rates go up property taxes will double and people will find the city to expensive to live in..


REPLY: I think you expressed it well. It is a single-issue society. That is the majority of the people. They will not buy gold because they “believe” in the system. That will ONLY change when we crash and burn. The MAJORITY has to be wrong to create the change be it political or markets.