Once a Government Program Starts – It Never Ends

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Eisenhower Dwight Ike  (1890–1969)

World War II created the vast military-complex. Once that was created, they used the threat of Communism to expand. Indeed, Communism was the battle cry for both the Korean and Vietnam Wars. The discovery of Eisenhower’s notes on his famous Farewell Speech of January 17, 1961, which were discovered only in 2011, illustrate that this was in the draft stage for years.

Eisenhower  was always talking about the Cold War and the threat it was transforming American into a “garrison state.” Eisenhower was a general and the military thought they had put their man in office and he would give them the golden keys to the nation’s vault. The military wanted a lot more than he was willing to give them. Most people have no idea that Eisenhower stood as a check against the military that he saw had grown 10 fold from before the war and was consuming the nation’s resources.

The military was extremely frustrated Eisenhower and his farewell address was critical for he was attempting to pass on a warning. This battle between the ever-increasing demands from the military is what Eisenhower warned about and I believe Kennedy clearly understood that development and was eventually assassinated for trying to curtail its growth.

Yes there was Lee Harvey Oswald who was never put on trial and was assassinated by Jack Ruby who dies in prison. If there had been a trial, it may have proven there were other shooters and that he was a unknowing participant in a much grander conspiracy. This same pattern appears to have been used with 911. Yes there were “terrorists” but they too were being used for a greater purpose – to expand the military complex once again.