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Oh Boy! Get Ready. The Paranoid Nutjobs at the NSA Will Be About To Read Your Thoughts

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Believe it or not, Scientists at the University of California, Berkeley, have developed a machine and computer program which converts brain activity into sounds and words. That’s correct! Speech activates specific neurons as the brain operates to interpret the sounds as words. Each word activates a slightly different set of neurons. This is how language functions – it is actually pattern recognition with sound rather than sight.

These scientists have begun to develop an algorithm that can pick up the activity and translate it back into words from outside your mind. They claim this technology will help people who are unable to speak. In reality, it will help the NSA transcend everything to fill their paranoia about what people are thinking and can they eliminate those who would overturn their power. This is Stalin unplugged and unlimited.finger-in-socket-1


The entire difference between humans and even chimps is our ability to associate patterns. Intelligence is a scale of pattern recognition. Most people, not all, finally realize that if they keep sticking their finger in a light socket it hurts. That is the first step in pattern recognition. We associate an effect to a cause. The road to  becoming smart is based upon our capacity to create a three-dimensional concept of cause and effect. It dawns on  us that getting struck by lightning will ;produce the same effect as sticking our finger into an electric socket.

Developing a machine that can tap into how our mind differentiates patterns is crossing that line and into the realm of reading minds. This is highly dangerous and the ultimate invasion of our privacy if anything is left.