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Offshore Accounts Exposed in Massive Leak

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A truly massive amount of names of people who have accounts offshore has been obtained and is up there now with the Hunt for Red October. Germans, Italians, Canadians, Americans, and more, are all up for sale. Because politicians are Marxists and cannot manage an economy, they have the audacity to criminalize anyone who has money they intend to spend as your “representative”. They cannot comprehend that this leads to the economic implosion and the collapse of the global economy.  It is economically no different than forced communism. Joe Biden’s hateful remarks how the Republicans were for the “SUPER RICH” which is defined as HOUSEHOLD gross income of $250,000, not billions and not a single individual. This demonstrates that politicians will stash their ill-gotten gains away while hunting everyone else i.e. Hollande of France. Remember Charlie Rangle who forget he owned real estate?

Everything the Founding Fathers sought to create has been destroyed by Karl Marx and eagerly enforced by greedy politicians. What will the world be like with all freedoms incinerated? Nobody bothers to look where these steps lead. We could fix everything in 30 days or less and save our freedoms restoring our economic and military security if they would only do the right thing just for once.