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Obama’s Urgent Gun Controls?

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Bonus-Army-3In Switzerland, every house must have a gun. It is called national defense. If 3 people in the same day kill with a knife, do we outlaw knives? Everyone is in favor of background checks and making sure people with mental problems do not get their hands on guns. That is because any rational person realizes guns do not kill, people do, What about the army? There were a couple of nuts there too that shot people on military bases. Should we take the guns away from soldiers as well? There were nut-jobs who called for TSA agents to be posted at every movie theater after one shooting. That certainly would have made NETFLIX a household word.


The US called out troops against communists pretending to be veterans in 1932 when they asked for their bonus they were promised for serving in World War I. There were communists.

There is something sinister behind this tactic of trying to make sure citizens are defenseless and one must question with all the anti-liberty provisions and kill switches for the internet Obama has put in place, if this is not yet another step to ensure Americans are defenseless should civil unrest erupt when the default on all government promises takes place as what has been going on in Southern Europe. How come the Swiss are responsible but American’s cannot be trusted? Two or three people out of 350 million is not a high percentage. In Washington DC there are armed guards on the streets with M16s in plain view. Police no longer carry guns – they display assault weapons.

Obama knows he cannot eliminate guns. All that does is the honest people obey the laws and the criminals buy guns on the black market just like drugs that are outlawed. That means the normal people are totally defenseless and crime will soar as what took place in Australia when then tried that one.

Obama says there is an “epidemic of gun violence in this country”. A few incidents is far from an “epidemic”. Universal background checks for all gun buyers, a crackdown on gun trafficking, a ban on military-style assault weapons and a ban on ammunition magazines holding more than 10 bullets is what he wants. 10 bullets will not go far in a riot.

Obama also signed paperwork initiating 23 executive actions that include steps to strengthen the existing background-check system, promote research on gun violence and provide training in “active shooter situations.” He also nominated Todd Jones, acting director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, to become the agency’s permanent director.

Obama seems to be taking one more giant leap for government. If a 100 people got strangely sick of some new virus, that is not an epidemic that would warrant vaccinating the entire population. Something is afoot here. Very strange timing even when he knows the chances of passage are zero,