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Obama’s Litmus Test to Fire upon American Citizens if they Rise Up against the Government

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Obama Whit HouseObama’s litmus test on military officers are asked will they fire upon American citizens if they rise up against the government. If they say no, they are dismissed. This has been talked about around the internet. It is the basic question  The new definition of a “terrorist” is any person who disagrees with the Federal Government as Harry Reid just called the rangers in Nevada – “Domestic Terrorists”. All the laws enacted against terrorism and support thereof can now be applied to anyone supporting the rangers in Nevada.


Historically, absolutely every government that goes into economic decline of a major significance that results in rising civil unrest results in a departure separating the self-interest of the people from that of government. In some cases, the troops will not fire upon the people as took place in Moscow in 1991 when Yeltsen stood on the tanks.


Bonus-Army-4Other times the troops did follow orders as during the 1932 Bonus Army incident when American troops fired upon communists pretending to be World War I veterans killing. The federal government called in tanks against the protestors.



I have mentioned before that the strategy is always to bring in troops that are not connected to the local people who are told to kill, This was the result in the Nika Riots of 532AD  in Constantinople. The local troops would not kill their own people. The emperor used a foreign legion to massacre the people. This is the Obama litmus test that is widely being talked about. They know what is coming.