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OBamaCare – The Worst of All Worlds

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I personally see no difference between Republican and Democrat. Neither party gives two shits about saving the nation or protecting the people. The Republicans used 911 to usher in the new age of no civil rights. We surrendered all our rights in order to enable government to track 19 guys and a camel. It is amazing how nobody knows who I am to get on a plane, train, apply for a license for anything, yet when it comes to taxes, they know precisely who everyone is, where to find you, and what they can confiscate.

All this 911 bullshit has been matched by a host of financial laws all geared to confiscating wealth. The attack on foreign entities threatening to confiscate all their wealth if they fail to report what any American is doing overseas, is single-handedly  causing a global contraction in the VELOCITY of money, we have to wonder what brain-dead bureaucrat originated this one.

Obama has publicly stated that anyone who has made money did not do it alone and thus they were incapable of being entitled to their wealth. They owe everything to government – hello Maximinus I. Historically, government never lives within its means. It then abuses its power to constantly change the laws in midstream. They see nothing wrong with someone buying a home, planning a budget, and then they raise taxes on them both on income and then property taxes. No one would sign a lease that said the landlord can raise the rent whenever he needs money. Yet this is what government calls paying your “fair share” of their fiscal irresponsibility. You might as well give your credit card to your 16 year old and watch what happens. They could run for Congress with such qualifications.

Now I can state PUBLICLY that my healthcare has just doubled in price. The insurance companies are going nuts. If they can force you to drop out at all, guess what. Pre-existing conditions do not apply until 2014. So healthcare costs have just gone through the ceiling. Add that to taxes jumping by 50% come January 1st, it certainly looks like the standard of living in America is about to be sent into the stone age. Thank you Congress! Just once, it would be nice if you guys really consulted people other than those who have their hand sticking out.