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Obamacare May Seriously Impact 2016

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The real stupidity about the Democrats is their ignorance of just how screwed up Obamacare really is. Next year, the real cost impact will start to exploded and the issue is not how many people they get to sign up, but how much the cost is rising for everyone else. Even in unions we are starting to see the impact. Hundreds of Memphis police officers called in sick to protest health care cuts.


The Democrats are plain stupid for the insurance companies cheered Obamacare for they have people who know how to use a calculator. Healthcare costs are insane. They have risen faster than any other sector for the past 3 decades. Whatever you think the bankers have done, the healthcare insurers probably have beat them given their impact has reduced the living standard of absolutely everyone. So when 2016 comes and the full costs are starting to be felt, the Democrats may find their supporters fractured, the Republicans split, and between the cracks, a third-party starts to emerge. Obamacare just may have been the straw that broke the back of the working-class American people.