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Obamacare – Just Brain-dead

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While Obama made it sound like the problem has been insurers not willing to write plans, in truth, many plans that did exist were required to be terminated. Looking at the fine print, maternity insurance had to be provided for everyone. The problem, it is not quite understood how a single man can get pregnant at least without directly engaging in intercourse with the government. The notice sent out in New Jersey read:

We understand you may have many questions about how President Obama’s announcement on the Affordable Care Act may affect you. Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey is evaluating the President’s statement allowing state regulators and insurers to renew individual and small group health plans for one more year that were required to be cancelled under the Affordable Care Act. Horizon BCBSNJ is actively consulting with state regulators to understand all the implications of this change and how it might be accomplished before the end of the year. Rest assured Horizon BCBSNJ is working diligently to get answers and keep you informed.