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Obamacare – Intentional Screwup or Incompetence?

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Is it possible for them to mess-up the Affordable Care Act on purpose to blame private healthcare providers in order to bring about the single payee system?



ANSWER: In all honesty, this is just sheer incompetence. I was just asked if I would ever consider a job as chief economic adviser. The answer is no. Truthfully, there are competent people I know, but everyone has the same feeling. If you took such a job, you could not take enough showers in a day to feel clean. It is hopelessly corrupt and not even the press will treat you fairly. Suddenly every girlfriend you had since grade school will be hunted down to extract something negative.


The system does not encourage qualified people. This is all people like Weiner who I believe has a ego problem and politics seems to attract people who need attention not qualified people. If the system was the way it had been originally designed, I would do a 2 year terms, fix stuff, and leave and that would be for my own family’s future. When you can stay there for life, that breeds corruption. If it was 2 years and out, you would not enact anything crazy because it would apply to you.

So unfortunately, this is complete incompetence. The government is incapable to helping people because it is systemically corrupt from the inside out. All agencies should be run privately and then people would get jobs based on competence not because they are related to Barney Frank or whoever.

Obamacare is a huge embarrassment for the Democrats. This was Obama’s signature to be remembered by. They extended everything for one year, just after the House elections. So this is always about political cover. That is it. Forget really caring about you or your family. Career politicians are not capable of such emotion these days based upon the majority (with few exceptions).