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Obama Trying to Cover Up Another Investigative Program

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Reuters has published an exclusive report documenting that Obama Administration has been directing agents to cover up another program being used to investigate Americans using the very phone calls they claim nobody listens to that has nothing to do with terrorism.

This latest “terror” claim that is undefined and worldwide has all the earmarking of total bullshit. Nothing will happen and then they will claim conveniently that see, all out snooping on American saved lived – nothing happened. It is curious that the time of this is perfect with all of these revelations that the Obama Administration has gone totally insane.

al QaedaThe illogical statements that come from politicians of BOTH parties are enough to ask just what the hell are these people running for – to be personally loved like Anthony Weiner who is in Trouble Again! Then there is Obama and his famous speech BEFORE all these revelations of snooping where he declared the War on Terror was over and that al Qaeda was just a hollow “shell” of its former self.

If the War on Terror was over, and the latest threat they are claiming was a communication they intercepted, then since this was outside the USA and the targets are some overseas embassy, then why do we need to collect every email, track whatever you search thanks to Google, create Windows 8 that reports back to Microsoft/NSA any non-Microsoft software installed in your computer to the point that even NASA stopped using Microsoft for to create a back door to report to them means that can be hacked and someone can enter your computer. NASA dumped Windows because hackers would be able to takeover space.


They need this stuff for TAXES – not terrorism. Bloomberg News has reported that Federal courts now allow the IRS to issue summonses to US banks at the request of the Norwegian government, to hunt down their citizens with assets in the USA.  All of these government are hunting money – not terrorists. This is the collapse of fiscal mismanagement. Forget the hyperinflation. These people will not go quietly into the night or light. They are kicking and screaming and will die like an insane madman in a violent oppression of the people.