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Obama Sets the Stage For The Next Recession

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Obama is never done raising taxes. He is a lawyer – not an economist. He and the Democrats are just hopeless. No matter what you show them, they are just out to destroy our freedom and the Republicans are too blind to even observe the real economy. Congress has now under consideration a online sales tax legislation that will destroy the economy as a whole. 
This is more than more taxes. The burden placed upon small business is outrageous. They become tax collectors with criminal liability and no pay. They then have to file forms, hire accountants, and lawyers all to keep track of this new burden.

Local small business is all for it. They see people buying online to save taxes locally so they want the internet destroyed so they can sell in their local stores. Quite frankly, they are brain-dead for they are just assuming they will sell more and kill the competition rather than move with the internet evolution. Newspapers and magazines will be dead. The younger generation do not buy newspapers in general. The internet offers more variety and better prices than many local stores and there are few local computer stores even available.

This is part of the next economic recession. Obama just past the copyright protection for the internet that eliminated all constitutional rights and allows the government to seize your business shifting the burden to you to prove the other person has no copyright. They get to silence you first and you have the burden of proof. That is not freedom. This can be used to shut down any site where they do not like the content. You cannot have a site in the USA any more. The internet is on its way to being destroyed because these people spend other people’s money, and then confiscate whatever they need to pay the bankers – that is DEFLATION.

This is historically how innovation, economies, empires, nations, and city states have always been destroyed. As I have said – you will PRAY for the simple hyperinflation before they are done with you.