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Obama Needs to be Impeached – He Has Lost His Mind If There Ever Was One

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obama yelling

Obama seriously needs to be impeached. Just when you thought it couldn’t possibly get worse – it just did! He has attempted to block Russia from the world economy as a whole removing them from the SWIFT system entirely! He is totally insane and this would warrant World War III and quite frankly one could not blame Russia. Someone has to do something about Obama. He has gone too far and his conspirator Christine LaGarde has been threatening all tax havens that they will be removed from the SWIFT system if they do not give up all foreign accounts.

The international payments financial organization SWIFT has refused to cut off Russia from all international financial flows. The organization announced that they have received appropriate policy prompts. However, it would not be forced to violate laws by Obama. The incident shows that Obama is operating behind the curtain far beyond his constitutional power and Congress needs to immediately call hearings and distance itself from Obama.

I am by no means being political here. This is a serious violation of international law and it should NOT be tolerated in the least. I cheer the SWIFT organization – enough is enough and expose Obama to the world.