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NY Times becoming Pro–Government?

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Further evidence that the New York Press is bought and paid for is the disgusting obituary of the New York Times on Michael Hastings. The mere fact that the New York Times went out of its way to minimize Hasting’s contribution to stopping corruption in government calls into question his death because if there was a sinister plot against him, part of that plot is to manipulate the press so the story comes out exonerating government. This calls into question the integrity of the New York Times today.

The New York Times was once a “liberal” voice – but no more. It buckles to the pressure of government and the NY Bankers and is clearly eclipsing the value of a Free Press. It outright refused to ever report that Federal Judges were altering the transcripts in New York when even the court of appeals had to acknowledge the practice (see page 97). This is just another example of the un-trustworthiness of the New York Media. One would expect this of Bloomberg beholding to the NY banks. But the New York Times turning pro-government? Surely the end is near.