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NSA’s Mystic Program – the Bug Stops Exactly Where?

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credit DonkeyHotey/Flickr (has gone viral)

The NSA is beyond control. They just do as they like and it is someone else’ burden to prove what they are doing is illegal. Obama has no support against Russia because he has pissed off just about every country around. His Mystic NSA Program can record every single phone call in and out of a country. When the story broke, the NSA asked the press not to reveal the country. (see also Daily-Mail UK).

I believe it is absolutely ESSENTIAL that those countries be revealed for now everyone who is really engaged in terrorism will never use a phone again anyhow. The identify of the countries will reveal if the NSA has been really looking for terrorists, or are they tapping money centers looking for taxes for Obama? If they stumble upon evidence of someone who owes taxes, they will be prosecuted. There is no immunity because they illegally taped your phone.

The criminal forfeiture laws allow them to confiscate ALL your assets PRETRIAL and then you are given a court-appointed lawyer who is really part of the prosecution team for they have nearly a perfect track record of losses – 98%+ (the remainder died). They are typically paid just $90 an hour, far below industry standards. They are generally paid to lose and do a very good job at that. So you have no constitutional rights anymore, not even right to counsel of choice. All of this before you ever get to court.

So they can seize your phone calls and data, infiltrate your computer thanks to Windows 8, see who are all your friends via FACEBOOK, and determine where you travel thanks to IPs and logging into to see your emails.

They can track you by your phone and know precisely where to arrest you when they want – but they cannot track a plane that turns off its transponder. DAH!